We are writing this letter to fully and wholeheartedly support and endorse the incredible services of Ken and Mike, owners of Jack of all trades.  We had a massive project (full and complete renovation of a partially demolished, nearly 100 year old cottage on the lake).  The renovations were indeed very challenging in scope and details.  If you look at the before pictures, you can see the magnitude of expertise necessary. We had interviewed a tremendous number of trades to start us off.  Therefore, from this Reno project and others that we had done previously, we very familiar with what makes exceptional tradespeople.  We started with Jack of all Trades for one piece of work: Kitchen makeover.  However, it became quickly and overwhelmingly clear that they were exceptional.  We had a laundry list of other Reno projects that needed to be done.  Prior to Jack of all trades, we were planning on a continued search for further tradespeople to complete our Reno.  However, after this one major kitchen project we were 100% convinced that Ken and Mike were the only ones we believed could and should do the remaining projects for us. 

They are not only extraordinarily skilled at the work they do, they also take immense pride in their work.  This is absolutely apparent when they focus on the main job but also are dedicated to the small details and doing the little extras versus skipping over them, that is oh so common in the world of Reno trades.  That is, where the tradesperson has missed something (we have had previous example of this over and over).  Jack of all trades never missed in fact in terms of their attention to quality and fine details, they hit a home run. 

Going the extra mile, should be their middle name. They worked tirelessly.  Our experience with many trades (and there have been many), is that they can take long breaks, don’t show up or change the dates of work, this is so that they can go to another job.  Ken and Mike were clear from their arrival that this is not how they like to work.  They wanted to get the job done in a timely fashion, and done right. 

Ken and Mike are so skilled that they will also make suggestions based on their expertise, when appropriate, to make the Reno even more perfect, creative and special. 

Communication with Ken and Mike is fluid and open, we were always able to reach them, and in fact they were contacting us with updates, progress reviews, planning and the like, before we ever asked. 

Also, it is not uncommon in the trades to have to deal with high and difficult temperaments.  This can only add the already stressful state of home Renos.  The opposite is true with having Ken and Mike in your home as renovators. Specifically, they can actually offer a peacefulness to the chaos that comes with major home renovations.   They presented continually as calm, pleasant and dignified, also with a solid demonstration of firm expertise and professionalism.  

So in sum, you get the full package when hiring Ken and Mike of Jack of all trades. This is extremely hard to come by. They not only deserve great reviews they deserve rave reviews.  And, we hope that we were able to let you know they are the absolute best, period end!

Harry and Sue- Stoney Creek